TEXTS (Englisch)

Christian Rätsch belongs to the young generation of artists in German contemporary art scene. Heis one of the artists who have a very rich and significant heritage of post modern art production since the 80’s and could make outstanding contributions to the developments of this artistic production with their works. He examines and deals with the space and the presence of human production within this space in consideration of the paradoxes of neocapitalism and globalisation. Christian Rätsch who prefers using industrial and everyday materials in his works, builds a sort of „witnessing“ relationship with the space. His works wanders around the concepts such as “architecture”, “design”, „public space private space“,“ memory“, „art practice“ and “consumption culture”. In these interdisciplinary abstract works the personal and the impersonal, or reality and fiction deceive one another. From these works a world is reflected which is familiar but also alien, personal but universal as well. Through the abstract and geometrical presence of his works in the space he asks new questions about the daily life, about the tension between the intimate space and the public space. He seeks to display the irony of daily life and its relation to the work of art.

Beral Madra

art critic and curator

director of BM Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul